Fit Package Meal Preps provides fresh healthy meals customized to fit your personal needs and support your fitness goals. Our team of licensed chefs paired with a nutrition specialist carefully prepare each meal to be well balanced and packed full of everything you need to reach your fitness goals.

Weight loss – If your goal is to lose weight but are not sure what to eat or how much to eat, we are here to help. Our certified nutrition specialist will make sure each and everyone of your meals is the proper portion and align with your weight loss goals.


Protien & Meats

Chicken Breast // 150 calories
Salmon Filet // 250 calories
Ground Turkey // 150 calories
Quinoa // 222 calories
Chickpeas // 364 calories


Brown Rice // 200 calories
White Rice // 200 calories
Black Beans // 110 calories
Quinoa // 111 calories
Sweet potato // 115 calories
White Potato // 280 calories
Red Potatoes // 300 calories


Broccoli // 30 calories
Asparagus Spears // 12 calories
Peas // 60 calories
Brussel Sprouts // 15 calories



Ordering your Fit Package is simple. There are two options to pick from when ordering your Fit Packages. Each package covers 2 weeks of service. Your first week of meals will be provided to you on the following Monday after your payment has been received. These meals will last you for one week. The second weeks
meals will be prepped the following weekend and provided to you on the upcoming Monday. At the end of your second week, if you would like to continue services another payment will be required.

*One service week is Monday – Friday*
Small 2 Meal Package

Package 2 meals a day for 2 weeks (20 meals)

Price: $250 (Best Value)

Large 3 Meal Package

3 meals a day for 2 weeks (30 meals)

Price: $320

One Week Packages

Small 2 Meal Package
2 meals a day for 1 week (10 meals)

Price: $150

2 Meal Monthly Packages

2 meals a day per month (40 meals)

Price: $420

3 Meal Monthly Packages

3 meals a day per month (60 meals)

Price: $600

Build Lean Muscle – We only use whole, unprocessed foods in our meal prep. This means your meals will be packed with protein dense foods to assist in building lean muscle and giving you that “tone” summer body you have been working hard for.


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